PLEASE NOTE THAT THE PICTURE IN THE LISTING IS A GENERIC PICTURE.  THE EXACT CONTENTS OF THIS GREAT SHOW ARE LISTED BELOW.ALSO, IF YOU BUY ANY FIVE ITEMS FROM MY LISTINGS, THE SIXTH OF EQUAL OR LESSER VALUE IS ABSOLUTELY FREE.  JUST EMAIL ME THROUGH THE MESSAGE SYSTEM WITH YOUR CHOICE.SO HERE IS THE BIG QUESTION:  WHAT IS A RADIO SHOW?  WHY COLLECT THEM? WHERE DO THEY COME FROM?  Well, those are good questions, especially if you have never known of them. Radio Shows are syndicated productions by one of several large and small distributors who supply broadcast product to radio stations normally during weekends when the usual air personalities have a break. Many air on Saturday or Sunday evenings or during overnight segments.  They often feature some of the best known voices for their genre from across the country thus the Dick Clark's and Casey Kasem's and Rick Dees and Dick Bartley and so many others.  People collect them for various reasons. Some just collect the series because they like it and want them all.  Some collect their favorite artists or genre of music. Rather than an album by the artist or a compilation bought at Wal Mart or wherever, they have a unique presentation of their favorite artist or music not available anywhere else and often with dj presentation which is very entertaining.  Some collect interviews with their favorite artists as most shows had interview segments. Some collect commercials especially old car commercials but certainly not limited to only those.  AND, these shows are in limited quantity. They were pressed just for syndicated stations. Many have just a few in circulation.  Some of the more popular shows may have as many as a few hundred of each week's show that were pressed for stations airing the show but think about it.  A few hundred for some 200 million Americans and millions of overseas collectors who look for unique presentations of their favorite artists or form of music. AND it is not even a few hundred.  Many if not most stations just tossed them away after airing since they were time limited because of the commercial content and could never be played again on the air.  So given the limited space in most radio stations, out they went.So there are likely only a few left of any one programAND they are increasingly hard to find.  They were first distributed on reel to reel tape if the show goes back that far into the 60's, then later on lp, later on CD and even later (after 2000 for most shows) on CDR.  Now they are not available at all to collectors since they are distributed by digital download much like you get your music from iTunes.  These shows become rarer and rarer every day because the people who buy them hold on to them and the people who sell them, like me, are running out of them.  My best contact for these shows is out and I am now at the mercy of finding a good deal here and there but never from a regular source.  The shows that you get now and hold on to will never decrease in value and only increase.   I have prided myself since the start to provide the best and fairest cost with a no holds barred guarantee that you will be happy or I refund your money.  I sell them for near what I bought them for. I give volume discounts and discount postage always.  As the postal service increases their rates, my shipping rates over the years has decreased.  And, I have one of the biggest radio show libraries in the world consisting of over ten thousand shows, so many that I don't even know all that I have and am sometimes amazed when I go to look for one show and find another that I did not realize I had. Finally, it is Americana at its best.  Whether the show be from the 60's or 2000's, rock, countdown, oldies, country, classical, religious, jazz or big band, it is unique and home grown.  And you just can't find them anywhere.  Even record stores that still exist will rarely have any.   Radio shows are wonderful representations of the real golden age of radio at least music wise.  And every  one you buy is an original, not a copy, not a remake - all limited editions in the hundreds at most and many much less. Once you get hooked, like me, it is a love affair for life!  NOW, Picture yourself back in the  70's, 80's and even the 90's.  You were glued to your transistor radio listening to the country top 40 presented by your local radio station.  You had that radio glued to your ear or connected with the little earphone jack that immediately broke and later your Walkman.  Your local dj was great.  He knew the music. He had the gift of talking which rarely occurs anymore.  You loved the presentation of the music as much as the sounds.  You liked the station jingles.  And on weekends when the local dj's had off, you listened to either taped shows they did during the week to be played on the weekend or a syndicated radio show featuring one of the greats.  It was the golden age of music. Music was king and the dj's were just as popular.  You can relive those days whether you grew up then or just wish you had.  AND, that great style is continued on a handful of present day shows especially the countdown shows.   I am listing ALL of my LAST "Country Countdown USA" shows.  THE SHOW IS NOW NO LONGER AVAILABLE ON CD AS IS TRUE WITH ALL RADIO SHOWS NOW.  COUNTRY COUNTDOWN USA (previously known as CMT Countdown USA)  is a weekly THREE hour THREE CD show in immaculate  condition looking like it was never played before and in fact it was played the day it aired and that's it.  It comes with its cue sheets which are in EXCELLENT condition.  Now, as to the show itself. Each show is hosted by veteran dj Lon Helton who is joined each week by a country star who co-hosts the show with Lon and presents his/her hits as well as interacts with Lon throughout the show.  It contains the top 30 of the week along with three or four songs from the guest host, introduced by the host.  You will learn a lot about music through this great show and the mix of music is terrific. There are also many other interview segments with other artists along with special features on each three hour show. If you like this show and if you like radio shows, you need it!   I began with all of the shows  for its last 15 years, every week, every co-host. Of course, many have been sold to collectors but there are still many more available to you featuring your favorite artists.  I have gotten these great shows from a program director friend who has shipped them to me every month after their airing.  The show airs weekly on the Dial Global Radio Network (previously Westwood One).  The cue sheets, to reiterate, come with the show and are in excellent condition   The CD the show comes on is beautifully decorated with  graphic art of the show logo across the top and the air date and show number on the bottom and side.  It features top 30 music from the top country artists of the day along with many extras in an entertaining and fascinating format.  The CD sleeve on the pre Dial Global years have the Westwood One logo across the front and is very attractive; newer shows are plain sleeves.  Host Lon Helton is a master and a veteran of many country music countdowns over the years.  You will love his style and interactions with his guests. This show was broadcast FEBRUARY 27, 2010, and is show #10-09.This week's Co-Host was DARIUS RUCKER. HERE ARE THE SONGS INTRODUCED BY THIS WEEK'S CO HOST: Eight Second Ride- Jake Owen      History In The Making      Alright      What Was I Thinkin- Dierks Bentley.Now here are the Top 30 of the Week HOTTEST:  That's How Country Boys Roll- Billy Currington      Love Like Crazy- Lee Brice      Dancing In Circles- Love & Theft      She Won't Be Lonely Long- Clay Walker      Hip To My Heart- The Band Perry      Ain't Back Yet- Kenny Chesney    The Man I Wanna Be- Chris Young      It's Just That Way- Alan Jackson      Gimme That Girl- Joe Nichols      Outside My Window- Sarah Buxton                         Hell On My Heart- Eric Church      Unstoppable- Rascal Flatts      Backwoods- Justin Moore      Today- Gary Allan        Keep On Lovin' You- Steel Magnolia       Beer On The Table- Josh Thompson      Didn't You Know How Much I Loved You- Kellie Pickler      Fearless- Taylor Swift      Hurry Home- Jason Michael Carroll      American Honey- Lady Antebellum      Highway 20 Ride- Zac Brown Band              A Little More Country Than That- Easton Corbin      Til Summer Comes Around- Keith Urban      Temporary Home- Carrie Underwood      Cryin' For Me- Toby Keith      Hillbilly Bone- Blake Shelton & Trace Adkins      That's How Country Boys Roll- Billy Currington      History In The Making- Darius Rucker      The Truth- Jason Aldean      Why Don't We Just Dance- Josh Turner      American Saturday Night- Brad Paisley.          Then as an extra bonus there are five mini shows, one for each day of the week. Each is presented by a different artist and features the artist introducing the story around the song presented.  It is a great feature.  Here they are for this week!  Lee Ann Womack introduces I Hope You Dance      Blake Shelton introduces Hillbilly Bone      Josh Turner introduces Why Don't We Just Dance      Tim McGraw introduces Southern Voice      Lady Antebellum introduces Need You Now.Even the commercials are neat to listen to this show included: Yahoo      Nestles  Geico      Dice.com  AND  MORE!  Some people buy the shows because they collect the commercials.  Remember, this the original show sent for airing.  It is NOT an unauthorized copy but the Real McCoy!!!  I personally guarantee that every radio show that I sell is the original show sent to stations.  You are truly buying a  show that will only increase in value and I am selling them at a price very close to what I paid for it.  Remember that this and all the radio music shows that you see on  are not just about the music - the music can be found anywhere.  It is the mixture of great music and great announcing that makes it so entertaining.  As well, it is a piece of radio and music  history.  You just aren't going to find these shows around very much longer as everything is now digitized and downloaded for play and shows are no longer sent out on CD's.  Think of what they will be worth in a few years!  (IF you wanted to sell.)  I am selling to share with other music lovers what I was able to get at a reasonable price.  It is a great show and would be a valuable addition to your collection.  As always, for U.S. buyers, I charge only shipping on the first show you buy so the more you buy the more money you will save.  For my international friends, I also charge shipping on only the first purchase and all others shipped in the same package ship for free.  Good Luck and God Bless You.

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